Carbs truly Do assist Running

June 19, 2022

Last night I ate rice since I was randomly craving it. I’ve been experimenting with different times of day as well as different amounts of carbohydrates. It was originally inspired by a combination of wanting to slim down however likewise realizing I requirement carbs to run long.

Well, what a different a carb makes – since after a few different experiments I absolutely feel a difference when I eat carbs for dinner versus when I don’t!
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I’m not sure what portion they are of my diet plan (now I must type of figure this part out with a tracker) however I do feel a direct connection between eating carbs at dinner (versus not) to exactly how I feel on my run the next morning.

Even though I didn’t have a life altering run today I felt a great deal a lot more energy than I did on a day I cut back on the carbs.

Speaking of running… I have seen some incredibly random stuff on the road lately! After the very first strange boot on the walkway I made a decision to take photos of the weirdest things…

As seen on my run:

I believe this is a teething thing? But, exactly how adorable it that?! (If it wasn’t all filthy as well as sad.)

A boot. who loses a boot? It’s not like it’s simple to get off…

A bit chancla.


A shoe as well as a seat cushion…

Three socks. now you understand where all those missing ones go…

Purple cabbage looking plants that aren’t cabbage.

My shadow.

The tamale lady. I requirement her a lot more than she needs me…

Not pictured: A whole sandwich with one bite out of it.

(I feel like I must clear up that I’m not the one who took the bite…)

Anyway… I’m off to eat all the carbs!

ត្រូវហើយ។ indeed I do.

Question: Do you pay interest to exactly how much carbs/protein/fat/fiber you eat?

If so, how? ហេតុអ្វី?

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen on a run or walk?

Have you ever randomly lost a boot??







ធ្វកធូ 2





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